Peru: Lago Paron (4185 m)  The largest lake in the Cordillera Blanca, 10 °C, 44 km², 3.7 km long  and average of 700 m width, depth  about 60 m.
Challange: Breathing through the snorkel and the thin air is a particular challenge to the body and the psyche. It is hard to keep the rhythm of breathing to calm your heart rate. Surrounded by peaks, surrounded by the steep walls or surrounded by a special flora makes you feel in a new world, which must be discovered and sensed. Something new and yet familiar to the body. Each lake has its own water, their individual landscape, its flora and its own challenge.
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Peru: Lago Llanganuco (3850 m)  25 Km northeast of Yungay, 10 °C. The lakes, Chinancocha and Orconcocha, are situated within the Huascaran National Park.
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Welcome - Mountain Lake Snorkeling
Mountain Lake Snorkeling requires a physical and mental challenge in an extreme breathtaking natural surroundings.
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MLS is an extreme adventure
Mountain Lake Snorkeling fordert eine körperliche und geistige Herausforderung in einer extremen  Naturumgebung.
Story Map of MLS in Ancash Peru
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